Vue-based UI

With 2.7.0, pywb introduces a new Vue UI based system, which provides a more feature-rich representation of a web archive.


Calendar UI

The new calendar UI provides a histogram and a clickable calendar representation of a web archive.

The calendar is rendered in place of the URL query page from versions before 2.7.0.

Calendar UI Screenshot

Updating the Vue UI

The UI is contained within the pywb/vueui directory.

The Vue component sources can be found in pywb/vueui/src.

Updating the UI requires node and yarn.

To install and build, run:

cd pywb/vueui
yarn install
yarn build

This will generate the output to pywb/static/vue/vueui.js which is loaded from the default templates when the Vue UI rendering is enabled.

Additional styles for the banner are loaded from pywb/static/vue_banner.css.